About Me

Look you guys, I started a Blog!

My name is Hazel McBride and I grew up in a very small village in Scotland with the big dream of one day becoming a killer whale trainer. Against all the odds I made that seemingly impossible dream happen by the age of 22. I even wrote a book about it! – ‘I Still Believe’, you can find it on Amazon.

Aside from the whales, whom I love with all my heart, I am so much more than just a killer whale trainer. I have always had a passion for writing and after finally taking the plunge and self-publishing ‘I Still Believe’, I cannot wait to get my other books out there in the world. I also love to travel and mostly thanks to the Bank of Mum (my best friend and travel buddy) we have managed to see quite a bit of the world together.

So I thought I would start a Blog where I could write and share the things I love most in the world with all of you. I’ve kept it down to three categories – writing, killer whales and travel. So here I am! Incredibly passionate, a dreamer, continually seeking my next adventure and excited about what the future will bring.