Navigating the world of marine mammal training blind (or near enough!)

When I was eleven years old I went to the opticians and had my eyes tested for the first time after being referred by the school nurse. Eleven year old me was thrilled to walk out of there, the proud owner of a pair of lilac coloured spectacles and myopia. This pride in being a… Continue reading Navigating the world of marine mammal training blind (or near enough!)


Sticks and Stones…

If you are a marine mammal trainer, or in any way support the keeping of cetaceans in managed care facilities, then you will be well aware of the typical 'activist' responses to any of our pictures or posts. The same few sentences or phrases are constantly parroted around social media to the point where I… Continue reading Sticks and Stones…

Another company ‘cuts ties’ with marine parks.

Yesterday yet another company 'cut its ties' with marine parks. Yes, I'm talking about Trip Advisor, just the latest in a long string of headlines proclaiming 'victory' for the anti-captivity movement. Joining other travel companies such as Virgin, United Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways and Qantas, to name but a few. However, what people are… Continue reading Another company ‘cuts ties’ with marine parks.

What we can do to save the Southern Resident Killer Whales.

Last year, the Southern Resident population of orcas received a lot of media attention, mainly because of the individual J35. Our TV screens and media apps were flooded with images of a female orca who was photographed swimming with her stillborn calf. As time went on, people became more and more invested in this poor… Continue reading What we can do to save the Southern Resident Killer Whales.